About Life Is Good Labs, makers of Ultimate Blog Security

We make it easier to be a blogger using the WordPress Platform

With over 21 million self-hosted installations of WordPress, security is a big problem since it's a great way for hackers to gain access to usernames and passwords, as well as build a network of sites they control and use to attack other sites. We looked, and while there are a number of plugins which help with security and plenty of advice from bloggers, there were no services available to help secure your blog. We thought that there should be a better way, so we built a service ourselves.

Meet our Founding Team

Like the company that makes the WordPress blogging software, our team is distributed around the world. We believe that with the open nature of the internet, a small team can do great things together. We put our customers first, and do everything we can to give them a great experience.

Chris Neumann

Chris has co-founded several businesses in the past and is a veteran of the San Francisco startup scene. He focuses on the product experience and business aspects of the business. He has been a bike racer since the age of 12, and is a licensed pilot with over 250 hours of flight time.

Eugene Pyvovarov

Eugene is a rock star software developer who has worked on a number of web-based startups, including ScanCafe and TextMarks as well as a few of his own projects.

He met Chris through oDesk, where they started working together at ScanCafe. He's passionate about computers and technology and enjoys world travel, with India being his favorite trip so far. He also enjoys cycling and fishing.